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Search Instructions

General Search Instructions: Search Methods

You can search for an individual or company as follows:

"Search for" - Find words that contain your search word.

Example: If your search word is baby, you would get the following individuals or businesses:

  • Hawaii Babysitters
  • Baby Stuff
  • Aloha Baby Shop


For companies, it is recommended that you use only one word as your search word. It is not recommended that you use the entire name of the company.

Example: If you are searching for complaints history on Plastic Molding and Widgets, Ltd., use plastic as your search word. The result you get would match the entire name. By using the entire name as the search phrase, the risk of typographical error is increased and the possibility of mistakenly obtaining no information is greater.

For individuals, it is recommended that you use the last name only. Names are also searchable by Last Name, (single space) First Name, though this search method is not recommended because the risk of error in results is greater.

Example: If your search name is John Doe, use doe as your search word. To be more specific, you may use John Doe, knowing that all names returned must contain both John and Doe. This would also return Johnny Doe since John and Doe are still contained in the returned name.

All punctuation is removed from the search name prior to searching; therefore a search on Ka'a will yield the same results as a search on Kaa. Hyphens will be replaced by a space; therefore a search on Smith-Evans will yield the same results as a search on Smith Evans.

Advanced Search Instructions:

Advanced search instructions are provided for credentialing or other agencies who routinely seek prior complaints history. Such agencies or individuals can follow the general search instructions provided above to first ensure that they find the individual or company. Agencies or individuals should search for the exact individual or company name as follows:

Last Name,(single space)First Name


Full Company Name

Search Results:

The results returned are displayed in the following five columns: the Name of the individual or company you are searching for; the Name Type, such as Legal Name; the Company or Proper Name of the individual or company; the Associated or Other Name of the individual or company; and the Complaint History Report, designated by the Search icon.

Click on show icon to view the complaints history information, including complaint numbers, outcomes, and allegations.