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Glossary of RICO Complaint History Report Terms

Action: The specific legal action initiated. Skip Navigation Links.
Allegation: The claims made against the Company or Individual.
Associated Names: Names that have been used by or are affiliated with a company or individual and are associated with a particular RICO case.
Company or Proper Name: Name used to identify the company or individual complained about or investigated.
Complaint No.: The prefix and number assigned to a complaint filed with RICO against a Company or Individual.
Compliance Date: The date on which a Company or Individual has complied with or satisfied an order or agreement.
Master Case: The master case is used to identify a legal action or legal actions. There can be multiple legal actions under one master case.
Other Names: Names that have been used by or are affiliated with a company or individual, but are not associated with a particular RICO case.
Outcome: The result of the lawsuit, petition, or investigation. Skip Navigation Links.
Remedy: Type of action ordered against a Company or Individual and the effective date and terms of the actions ordered. Skip Navigation Links.
Prefixes & Explanations:

ACC  Accountancy ENG  Engineers/Architects PDG  Private Detectives & Guards
ACU  Acupuncture ENP  Electrician & Plumber PHA  Pharmacy
ADP  Activity Desk EVM  Elevator Mechanics PSY  Psychology
ARP  Motor Vehicle Repair HAD  Hearing Aid Fitters/Dealers PTP  Port Pilot
BAR  Barber MAS  Massage PTS  Physical Therapy
BOX  Boxing MBS  Mortgage Broker/Solicitor REA  Real Estate Appraiser
CEA  Commercial Employment Agency MED  Medical REC  Real Estate
CEM  Cemetery Authority MFT  Marriage & Family Therapist RNS  Nursing
CHI  Chiropractic MVI  Motor Vehicle Industry RSA  Real Estate Collection Servicing
CLB  Contractor NAT  Naturopathy RSW  Social Worker
COL  Collection Agency NHA  Nursing Home Administrator SPE  Speech Pathology/Audiology
COS  Cosmetology OCP  Office of Consumer Protection SUB  Subdivision
CPR  Condominium OPT  Optometry TAR  Travel Agency
DEN  Dental OST  Osteopathy TSP  Time Share
DOP  Dispensing Opticians OTP  Occupational Therapy ULT  No Rules Combat
ELE  Electrologist PCO  Pest Control VET  Veterinary